Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back on the Court

Ok so after a great service at church I desided to go to Academy and buy a basketball and some shorts so I could go to the park to day play ball...The plan was to meet up with some friends but that fell through so I figured I would still go and see just how out of shape I really was...seeing as though I hadn"t played in 4 years...I was still good just a little winded and needing to work on my left hand lol...somethings never change....but yea I had a great work out and won a game of 21 by beating a 48 year old man and his 19 and 12 year old sons....yea I still got it....So yea sunday aftery noon basketball has been added to the routine....Now I must take a shower because I smell like a mixture of goat and Wasabi(spicey)....Oh yea did I mention that my back is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sore.....

Damai Irie "Jordan"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ode to Chick-fil-A

When I first moved to the south it wasn't long before I was introduced to the wonderful world of chicken only serving place named, Chick-fil-A. This blog is to show appreciation as well as let everyone in the world know that I love this place so much. Not only does it serve the best food in the world(chicken), it has great customer service and free Wi-Fi. So as I sit here and use the free Wi-Fi and drink unlimited free refills of uptowns(sweet tea and lemonade), I and happy. One day it was raining outside and an employee of this great establishment got hte customers keys and pulled the car up to the door as well as walked them to there car with an umbrella, come one what other fast food resturant does that. Also instead of saying your welcome they say, my pleasure, which makes you feel as though you are the king or queen of chicken at the moment. They also provide you with unlimited sauces free of charge(must try the Chick-fil-A sauce it is to die for). So if ever you get the opportunity to eat at this five star fast food resturant, do it....because there is none like it in the world.....this is my fatty bo tatty voice
Damai "Fatty Bo Tatty" Irie Love

First Blog

Ok so this is my first blog and I am excited to start this blog thing even thought I think I am a little late, seeing as though my mother has had one for a long time...Anywho as my little introduction tells you I am a young adult coming into my own, so the thoughts and words expressed here will be of adult content. Therefore if you do not like reading or hearing about sex, drugs, curse words and all other rebel acts I would stop reading at this blog...Anyway if you have kept reading that means that you have either removed the stick up your ass or did not have one. Ok a little background about me...I am 22, recent college graduate, of african american decent, believe love can fix everything, born and raised in New York, living in Houston, TX, sort of nutty crunchy...ok ok this is boring and I could go on and on about how bombtasical I am, thats right I made up that word and I do that a lot, so stay tuned for more blogs because you would be amazed what thoughts go through my mind....

Damai Irie Love